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Terms and Conditions

QuickTrav™ Software Rental (License Fees) and Support Services

Quick Software supplies its software on a monthly rental basis subject to the following conditions (unless a separate contract has been signed):

  1. All prices quoted are excluding Vat.
  2. Prices are adjusted in March of each year and may change without notice. Fixed monthly charges may be subject to an annual CPI adjustment.
  3. Monthly charges are payable by debit order only, in advance on the 1st of each month. A 15% premium will apply to all monthly charges that we are not able to process via debit order (e.g. due to non-receipt of debit order instruction).
  4. Clients whose debit orders are returned unpaid by the bank more than 3 times will be issued monthly license fees only subject to a 15% premium paid monthly in advance.
  5. All debit orders returned unpaid by the bank will attract an administration/bank fee.
  6. Installation arrangements will only be commenced upon receipt of your completed and signed 1) order form and 2) debit order form for the applicable monthly charges.
  7. Monthly Rentals are subject to one calendar month’s written notice.
  8. Payment Terms for Installation, Training, Technical Support, Bookkeeping Services & General Support – 30days subject to credit approval and credit limit.
  9. It is the responsibility of the Agency to ensure that they have correct technical specifications for hardware and software.
  10. All Tax Invoices from Quick Software will be issued in electronic format (email).
  11. Licenses and support services may be suspended for non-payment of account.


Accounting and Bookkeeping Support

Quick Software offers accounting/bookkeeping support for clients using QuickTrav™ on request.

These services are provided subject to the following understanding:

  1. Quick Software Staff providing these services are not qualified Accountants.
  2. Quick Software is not an Auditing firm nor Accounting Officers or Taxation Specialists and we do not provide services offered by these practitioners.
  3. The keeping of up-to-date accounting records is the responsibility of the client and Quick Software will not be held responsible for any shortcomings in this area.
  4. The client is responsible for the backing up of their QuickTrav data.
  5. Our bookkeeping support staff are often asked to undertake certain reconciliations such as BSP, Debtors, Creditors, etc. The work carried out is from a purely bookkeeping point of view, i.e. once the account is reconciled, it is up to the client to follow up on outstanding items (such as ADM’s, ACM’s, Debtors queries, Creditors queries, debt collection, etc).
  6. With regard to statutory returns (VAT, PAYE, UIF, SDL Returns, etc), Quick Software staff:

        6.1) are not responsible for information submitted therein and the responsibility for these returns remains with the client.

        6.2) In cases where we are requested to assist in the completion of these returns, all necessary information and documentation will be supplied to us on which the relevant returns will be based. No verification procedures will be performed.

        6.3) Quick Software will not be liable for any penalties or interest imposed by the South African Revenue Service or any other party under any circumstance whatsoever.

        6.4) All Returns are to be signed by the relevant Responsible Person of the company and not by any Quick Software staff member.

  1. Any entries processed by Quick Software staff to the client’s accounts are deemed to have been authorised by the client.
  2. We are often requested to assist clients in catching up on their bookkeeping requirements, sometimes requiring months or even years of work to be caught up. We will endeavour to complete the task in the quickest possible time, however the client must have reasonable time and costs expectations in this regard.
  3. Our staff are sometimes requested to train a bookkeeper. Our responsibility is to train a person (presumably a bookkeeper) in the use of our QuickTrav™ software and not to train a person to become a bookkeeper.


Support Services

Once a Job Sheet has been signed for any support service performed by a Quick Software consultant, it is reasonable to assume that all services were carried out according to the satisfaction of the client. There is a “Comments” section for client comments on the Job Sheet. Where work is performed off-site/at Quick Software, the client will be notified that such work attracts charges and will be billed accordingly.

Quick Software Staff

Quick Software is the developer of the QuickTrav™ specialised retail travel software solution. At the same time, Quick Software supplies the relevant support structures for QuickTrav™ (development, technical, telephone, training, bookkeeping, etc).

Quick Software employs staff from various fields, who then undergo intensive internal and on-site training on QuickTrav™ in order for us to provide the best level of QuickTrav™ support services possible. A software solution on its own cannot be sustained and properly maintained without these support services. Quick Software spends a great deal of time and money on training and developing their staff to a level of QuickTrav™ expertise as required, and expected of us, by our clients.

The majority of our staff interact with our clients on a daily basis in one or more of the support services provided. Therefore, any client using our QuickTrav™ software under license, by accepting the terms as stated herein under the heading “License Agreement”, may not make an offer of employment to any Quick Software employee while such client is still under license (i.e. using our QuickTrav™ software). Should any client contravene such undertaking, a ‘placement fee’ equivalent to 100% of Annual Cost To Company of such employee will be payable by such client

Backing up of data

Backup tools are provided separately in each QuickTrav™ module. We also provide a separate QuickTrav™ Backup Manager module if requested. It remains the responsibility of the client to i) ensure that they are making regular backups of their data and ii) to check that the data has been correctly backed up. Quick Software accepts no responsibility for the failure of clients to either backup their data or to check that the data has been properly backed up.

Liability Disclaimer

QuickTrav™ software has been written according to Industry norms, Accounting Standards and informed interpretations of the various Acts applicable (e.g. VAT). It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that all necessary switches, etc are set according to the needs and requirements of the Agency, and Quick Software will not be held accountable or liable for any errors or omissions in this regard.

 We reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions from time to time and encourage our clients to periodically update themselves with the contents of this document. Each document will have a review date and number and will be available on our website.

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