QuickTrav WebApp

QuickTrav Web Vouchers via our QRA serves up defined QuickTrav functionality over the web to issue, access register & run queries whilst accessing and updating the QuickTrav Service Vouchers and Car Hire vouchers automatically.

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QuickTrav WebApp

Providing the QuickTrav front-end functionality, via Web access.

The QuickTrav WebApp is a new and ongoing project to provide Web access to the QuickTrav frontend functionality. This includes validation of accounting information, hotel and car voucher issue or registers, certain queries and invoicing functionality, all configurable to your requirements

This modern WebApp, will run on any device that supports a modern browser, such as desktop, laptop, tablet and cell phone.

This also gives you the flexibility to utilise the ITC division mode if the agency offers a ticketing service, where the consultant (ITC)will only see or access their own client's data and information

Booking form :
When the GDS integration option (TQI) is not used, agents can use this form to generate the validated QT accounting info for the booking, then paste it into the GDS as D I or R M entries. Any information previously stored in the booking info form can be retrieved into a Voucher & Invoice, alleviating the need to recapture.

Service & Car Hire Vouchers :
Consultants can generate new service and car hire vouchers, view / edit / void / mail existing vouchers via the searchable registers

Invoicing :
Consultants can generate new invoices, view or mail existing invoices via the searchable registers. This functionality will be available in early 2021.

Queries :
Consultants can generate and download the configured voucher and invoicing travel queries/reports for their own consumption/mailing to clients.

Settings :
The QT WebApp can be configured per user group to restrict/hide any of the above functionality that users are not authorised to access. It can also run in ITC mode, where the ITC user only has access to the ITC division’s voucher and invoicing data within the main QT system.