QuickTrav WebApp


QuickTrav WebApp

Providing the QuickTrav front-end functionality, via Web access.

WebApp was originally designed for easy on-the-go access, via any modern browser, to issue service and car hire vouchers, and access registers and queries. With the valuable input from hundreds of users, the functionality has since progressed to include comprehensive invoicing functionality and imported GDS tickets register functionality, including the fixing of accounting errors on imported tickets from the various GDSs, a centralised document search, enhanced ITC division mode access and full Travelport integration.

With our current load-shedding woes, WebApp is proving yet again that it is a highly reliable way of getting the documents issued and delivered anywhere, anytime. Our clients have the freedom and convenience to access the WebApp directly from a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Our users start their WebApp experience with the “Booking Info” service. Remember those multiple references your corporate client wants to see on their invoicing and reporting? Well, simply put, we help remind you what exactly they wanted to see, and what order it should be. Once you’ve captured the client details (as per your Debtor's requirements), and added the service fees, publish and benchmark fares (if activated), you simply need to hit that “copy” button and paste the information into your GDS.

When you issue the ticket in your GDS, you simply must sit back and watch the magic of a fully validated accounting entry turn into an Invoice. Easy, no-hassle! But it doesn’t just stop there. No need to capture all the accounting information again, simply type that stored PNR reference into your Service Voucher / Car hire voucher and let the system automatically populate the information stored in the “Booking Info”.

The creation of vouchers and invoicing has never been accomplished easier and faster!

The enhanced “Search Documents” function enables the users to find copies of vouchers, car hire vouchers, Invoices and Ticket information by using either a PNR Reference, a client order Number or a Ticket number. We’ve worked hard on ensuring a pleasant and efficient user experience by eliminating the need to search in the various desktop applications, everything is centralised and easily accessible from WebApp.

Our users can look forward to exciting future development that will include the setup of Clients and Suppliers directly from WebAPP, importing of Vouchers directly into Invoicing and a Live Chat Help function for those that require Support.