Customer data validation is key!

At Quick Software, we consider ourselves an integral part of the travel industry. We know that your reputation is built one customer at a time, and when your competitors have huge corporations backing them, that reputation becomes one of your most valuable assets. That’s why we believe that the Travelsoft / QuickTrav GDS integration project for Smartpoint could offer you a competitive edge.



To populate the “perfect” pnr with all required fully validated QuickTrav info, so that when QuickTrav documents (invoices for tickets and vouchers for land segments) are issued, they can be issued automatically and are guaranteed to be issued 100% accurately without errors, thereby improving overall consultant efficiencies, reducing back-office wasted time and effort fixing errors / completing documents, and achieving more accurate pnr reporting etc.

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(TQI) Travelsoft / QuickTrav GDS integration project for Smartpoint

QuickTrav partnered with Travelsoft & Travelport to bring you fully validated Quicktrav Information at source!

We know you love QuickTrav, why wouldn’t you?

It’s the most robust accounting & back office software written specifically for the travel industry.

Time to step it up a notch, as we introduce a Travelsoft / QuickTrav GDS integration project for Travelport Smartpoint also known as TQI (Travelsoft QuickTrav Integration).

TQI lets you capture and validate all required QuickTrav information in your Travelsoft pnr before issuing of tickets, invoices & optional auto issue of vouchers.

TQI lets you enforce active & live credit limits before issuing any documents. Use TQI to automatically issue/void or view your car and hotel vouchers and drastically speed up your workflow, using the QT WebApp.

The QT WebApp with its responsive web browser look and feel, it will run on any device that supports a modern browser such as a desktop, laptop, tablet & even your cell phone.

The QT WebApp can be run anywhere on any device outside the agency office network, which makes it the most suitable after hour / away from office, voucher generation solution.
The above solution can be combined with Travelsoft QC (quality control) a Galileo Queue management/automation product.

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