File \  or Click on the on the button bar

The Voucher register lists all vouchers issued for the current branch using QuickTrav Data Browser.

  Create a New voucher (also insert key).

   Open the currently highlighted voucher (also enter key or double click).

  Open the voucher POD (Proof of Delivery) / Invoice .

Void the currently highlighted voucher (also delete key).

Copy the currently highlighted voucher to the clipboard (copies a pointer).

Open a new voucher and paste the contents of the voucher in the clipboard into it.

Print the currently highlighted voucher.

Print the standard voucher audit trail listing Report .

Open the register Search window.

Open the browse view manager (also click on item counter).

 Display creation / last update information for the current voucher.

Check voucher register for month end conformity.

Close register (also escape key).

Remember that further standard browser options are available by Right Clicking anywhere on the register.