Supplier Choice Reasons


New functionality has been added to QuickTrav to enable all invoice transactions to be flagged with a supplier choice reason. The intention is to allow the agencies to monitor the extent and reasons for consultants using / not using specified or preferred suppliers.


Once switched on, a table of “Supplier Choice Reasons” is added to the system. All invoice line items, done manually or automatically, must have a valid supplier choice reason specified. Management can then use the invoicing queries to report on the extent and reasons for using suppliers, optionally by consultant etc.


Switching on. Select, Setup, Company Tables , Options

Double click on Expand and ensure the option is ticked. Save the settings.

Setting up the table of supplier choice reasons, Select, Setup, Company Tables,

The table of supplier reason codes will open as follows:

Click on to create a New Supplier Choice Reason

Click on to open and existing Supplier Choice Reason

Click on to delete and existing Supplier Choice Reason

Click on to search through the existing list of Supplier Choice Reasons

Click on to close the Supplier Choice Reasons Screen


Manual invoices / credit notes.

You must now specify a supplier choice reason for every line item on an invoice or credit note.
This applies mainly to air tickets and land arrangements but also applies to any other type of line item that requests a supplier code i.e. Adms, Acms, and refund notices.
It does not apply to service fees and general charges / credits to which the concept of a supplier is not applicable.

When entering a manual ticket (and other relevant line invoice items), a new column must be specified as follows:
This new Supplier Choice reason is compulsory and works like all other codes in QuickTrav and can be looked up by entering a blank value or selecting the dropdown arrow to get a list.

Automatic invoices

QuickTrav automatic invoices are normally for tickets only. However, you can add land arrangements and service fees to automated ticket invoices.

Supplier choice reasons must be specified for all ticket and land items on the automatic invoice.

You can specify one supplier reason code that applies to all items on the automatic invoice, or you may specify two reason codes, one for any air tickets on the automatic invoice and the other for any land arrangements on the automatic invoice.

A new DI.FT accounting information code has been added to allow you to specify the relevant supplier(s) choice reasons on an automated invoice. This is the W= code.

Use the W= code as follows: