The Setup of Admin Suppliers happens in the Windows Invoicing Module :

Setup – Principals – or alternatively click on the on the Main Menu bar.


Create a new Admin Supplier

Open an existing Admin Supplier

Delete an existing Admin Supplier

Import Admin Suppliers from an external source

Search for an Admin Supplier

Print contact information for Admin Supplier

Close the Admin Supplier Register

Add in Utility / Wizard

Creating a new Admin Supplier:

Click on /

Account Code Enter an Account code for the Admin Supplier
Name Enter the name of the Admin Supplier
Group (Optional) Select the group to which the Admin Supplier belongs
Division (Optional) Select the division to which the Admin Supplier belongs
Consultant (Optional) Select the consultant
Country (Optional) Select the country where the Admin supplier resides
Region (Optional) Select the region where the Admin Supplier Resides
City (Optional) Select the city where the Adm in Supplier Resides
Vat Reg No Enter the VAT registration number for the Admin Supplier
Ext Acc No (Optional) Enter the External Account number if applicable.
Telephone Enter the Telephone number
Fax Enter the Fax number
Contact Enter the contact person
Email (Optional) Enter the email address
Postal Address Enter the Postal Address
Physical Address Enter the Physical Address