Settings required in Windows Invoicing

The following settings are required for the iVeri batching and uploading to work.

1) Activating ” Use Client Credit Cards” in the Branch Setup.

(This section contains all the settings pertaining to all the Debtors and Leisures)

This flag will set whether client’s credit card numbers must be added to the client’s profile. This will allow the user to select the credit card number which must be charged via the iVeri system:

The changes in the branch settings, have now taken effect:

Click on to finalize the activation of Client Credit Cards in the Branch setup.

2) Activating the Editing of Saved Invoices to add Credit card numbers:

(This section contains all the settings pertaining to all the Document Headers)

Open “Allow editing of saved document headers? ”

3) Selecting the Default Credit Card in the Clients Setup:

You can now specify a client default credit card to be used, with any line item added as a cash transaction. This feature will automatically flag the cash line item as “chargeable” with the relevant information, to be submitted to the Credit card settlement functions in Windows Main.

The following procedure should be followed with every Debtor account where more than one credit card number is stored:

Select the Debtors that you wish to edit and select the button:

Select the “Billing” Tab, and specify the default credit card:

Select the “Credit Cards” tab:

A list of credit cards linked to the particular debtor will be displayed. To create a new Credit Card, click on :

The Following Information must be entered:

Key Unique reference per credit card
Type Credit card type (i.e – Diners, Amex etc)
A/C Number Credit Card Number
A/C Holder Account holder as it appears on the credit card
Expires Expiry Date