Save or Restoring Cashbooks

Previously our Dos General Ledger did not include the functionality to Save or restore a bank recon at a specific point in time. Windows Main module now allows for this function.

Saving Cashbooks : ( In Recon mode)

In cash books recon mode, the save icon is used to save current recon to file :

To save your Cashbook click on

System defaults to save recon file name to <app root folder> \ <Cash Book Code> <Date>

<Time>.CBR :

We strongly suggest that you add the bank statement number for easy of reference.

The save process is live in that it saves the cash book recon at today’s date (i.e can’t save last month’s now)

Restoring Cashbooks : ( In Recon Mode)

Before allowing a restore of a particular cashbook, the system does the following checks : Blocks / Prevents the restoring if one or more of the conditions are prevalent.

  1. Cash book code mismatch (recon not for this cash book)
  2. Save Period after current period (wrong data or data restored, can’t rely on basic assumption about entries in closed periods)
  3. Open items amount mismatch (reconciled items in the open period have been changed)

A typical reason for restoring a previously saved cashbook, would be when the “Recon All” button was used when in fact outstanding items were left. By restoring I am able to continue with the reconciliation from a certain point, where I balanced to the bank statement balance.

To restore your Cashbook click on and select the file/point to restore to :

Click on to finalize the restore :