Reconciling your Cashbook

To reconcile the Cashbook, you will need to open the applicable Cashbook first: File \ , alternatively select from the Main Menu Bar :

Click on \ to switch to Reconciliation Mode :

Recon Month & Bank Statement Balance :

Simply select the period in which the reconciliation will take place. And enter the balance of the Bank statements to which you are reconciling. Note : The system will automatically calculate the difference between the Actual and Theoretical Bank Balance.

Recon Options :

Items may be reconciled/unreconciled one at a time, by simply “double clicking” on the item
or using the [ENTER] key on your keyboard

Alternatively the following buttons may be used.

Note: Caution should be used at all times when reconciling your cashbook!

Show all items.
Only show unreconciled Items.
Reconcile all transactions.
Unreconcile all transactions.
Find First Transaction.
Undo last action.
Print Reconciliation.
Refer to Save or Restore Cashbooks
Refer to Save or Restore Cashbooks