Allocating monies received to the Receipt

Receipt Allocation :

If the receipt is a “paying item” (ie. you received a remittance advice and can allocate the payment), it must be matched against the invoices that it is paying. This enables Quick Trav to keep track of which invoices make up the balance on the account. Quick Trav brings up an “open item window” containing all open (unpaid) items (usually invoices) that are outstanding (unpaid) on the account.

The open item window shows the date, reference, passenger details, original amount and unpaid amount (the item may previously have been partially paid) of each open (unpaid) item (usually an invoice) on the account.

Allocation can be done in 5 ways :

Note: If you are unable to allocate the receipt to the relevant invoices, because you do not know which invoices the receipt is paying, do not allocate it at all, as this will cause more problems later.