Other considerations with Automatic Invoicing

Automated tickets invoiced twice (Status = Duplicate)

Theoretically a ticket could be invoiced once by the automatic invoicing process and again by the normal process. Double invoicing, if it occurs, will be detected at the end of the week when ticket lists are printed and used to prepare the weekly BSP sales transmittal, or failing that, when the monthly BSP reconciliations is done. If invoiced twice, issue a credit note to reverse the duplicate invoice.

Automated tickets not invoiced (Status = Accounting Error)

If the accounting information is not inserted onto the ticket correctly, the automatic invoicing process will fail, and the ticket will not be invoiced until you correct the accounting information.

No automated tickets can be found

The automatic invoicing process will fail if Windows Invoicing can not find the automatic tickets supplied by the reservation system. This can sometimes happen even though the tickets have been successfully printed/issued.

End of Month (Status = Invalid Month)

On the first day of a new month, Windows Invoicing’s invoice module date will probably still be set to the end of the previous month. This will be the cause until the invoice module month-end is run. During this time automated tickets will be imported, but rejected on the basis that the ticket date ill not match the invoice module date.

Automated tickets that are subsequently cancelled

The automatic invoicing generates an invoice for whatever tickets are printed on the ticket printer. If the automated ticket is cancelled after it has been invoice, a credit note is NOT automatically generated, and must be issued in the normal way.