Monitor an Account

This is probably one of the most useful Utility functions Windows Main Module has:

Monitor an Account, will allow you to select any Account type, and display the information based on the period selection. In addition, all movement and transactions are clearly displayed and if any allocations were made to the account in question, a breakdown can be shown. All information may be exported to Microsoft Excel or Open Office.

Enquiries \ or select  from the Main Menu Bar:    

Account Type and Period Selection :

Account Type

Account Number

Select from the pre-defined list

Display from

Select the Period to display from (Starting Period)

Display to

Select the Period to display to (Ending Period)

Display options :

Hide Nil Amounts?

Hide transactions where the amount was Zero / Nil.

Hide Closed entries?

Hide transactions that were fully allocated.

Loading account information:

Click on , to retrieve the selected information:

Viewing the Movement on the account:

Viewing the Contact details:

Viewing the log:

Viewing allocations:

A very nice feature in “Monitor An Account” is allocations.

Simply select the transaction on which you want to view the allocations, and click on

Verify an Account:

This handy feature is sometimes required to run a diagnostics and verify that data integrity on a particular account.

Simply click on   to start the process:

Exporting of account information:

Data displayed within the ‘Monitor an Account’ may be exported in the following formats :