All QuickTrav applications must be licensed on first time access and every 6 months thereafter.

First License

After running the application for the first time, the system will prompt you to apply for a license telephonically.

Contact Quick Software licensing telephonically and advise them of the new installation. They will check the installation records, account details, etc and if all is in order confirm your registered name and provide you with the initial license key.

Your registered name will appear on all documents generated by the system

Click ‘Add License’, ensure the name exactly matches your registered name and enter the license key provided.

Click ‘Save’ to register the application, ensure the system confirms that your license is valid (it will display the next expiry date as well) and inform the QuickTrav licensing personnel. If you have captured the registered name or license key incorrectly, the system will notify you accordingly. Ask the QuickTrav licensing personnel to repeat the details and try again.

Periodic Licenses

Licenses will expire on every 6 month anniversary from the initial installation and on expiry, the application may still be run but access to all options will be blocked.

The system will provide a warning if the license will expire in the next 10 days to give you sufficient time to renew it. Licenses details may be viewed and licenses may be renewed via the Help \ View License menu option.

The renewal process may be done in advance telephonically or via email by clicking the ‘Renew License’ button and following the instructions.

If your license has already expired, it is recommended that you phone QuickTrav licensing to avoid delays.