Journals Line Items – To Income Statement Accounts in the General Ledger

To add a Line Item on the journal, click on:

Reporting flags have been added to journal line items where the GL code is an Income Statement account

Account Type Enter the account type, alternatively use the to select from a List:

Account Number The Account number may be entered in 3 ways :

  1. Enter the account number : e.g. 033/001
  2. Type a minimum of four letters of the account name : e.g BAD for Bad Debt Account.
  3. Use the to select from a List of accounts.
Sub Account Only used when the journal is done to BSP – This field will enable the user to select the implicated airline code.
Details Enter a short description of the Line item. E.g. Bad Debt Written off D1023.
Pax names (Optional) Enter the Passenger details.
Incl Amount Enter the inclusive amount of the journal.
Vat Select the VAT type e.g. Standard Input, Zero Rated, etc.
Vat Amount The system will automatically calculate the VAT amount based on the Vat Type that was selected
Excl Amount The system will automatically calculate the Exclusive Amount
Division (Optional) Enter the Division.
Consultant (Optional) Enter the consultant code.

Select Account Type
Select or type Account Number
Once a GL account is selected the reporting flags will display for optional use.

Tick the box to activate

The reporting flags will display the adjustment to the General Ledger account in the Turnover/Commission/Vat report.

Save to continue.