Journals procedures

Invoices, credit notes and receipts are used to charge, credit and process payments on client accounts.

Journals are used for passing other adjustments that cannot be done via invoices, credit notes and receipts. A journal can be used to debit or credit an account for any reason. As such they are powerful but must be controlled.

Typical reasons for journals would include the following:

NB Journals should NOT be used to:

Errors should, if possible, be corrected in the same month that the error occurred in. All journals MUST be entered , detailing the debits and credit adjustments being passed with full reasons for them, written into the “Narration Field “.

Processing of a new Journal :

To create a journal click on: File , or on the main menu bar.

Journal Header:

Date Enter the journal date. Note that the month is pre-set and cannot be changed.
Consultant Enter the consultant code of the consultant that created the journal.

The consultant code may be looked up by clicking on the button.

Details Enter a short description of the journal. Note additional information can be captured under the Narration option.

Journal Options:

New Click on the “New” button to create a journal line item.
Open Highlight the journal line item and click on the “Open” button to open it for editing.
Copy Highlight the journal line item and click on “Copy” the information into a new journal line item.
Delete Highlight the journal line item you wish to delete and click on the “Delete” button
Narration Click on the button next to the “Narration” button to open a notepad where you can enter additional information regarding the journal.
Save Click on the “Save” button to save the journal

Save as Draft: Will save the journal in draft format. In draft format you still have the option to edit a journal. The journal will appear in the relevant accounts in pink and no allocation can be made to this journal.

Save as Closed: Will save the journal and will prevent further editing. The journal will then be posted to the relevant accounts selected and allocations can be made to the journal.

Take On This option allows for take on balances to be imported from an existing Dos Main and General Ledger module.
Import This option will allow you to import journals from an external source as long as they are in the correct format.
Interest This option will allows you to charge interest on overdue accounts.