Invoicing an air ticket

This section records details of air tickets issued for the client. One or m ore air tickets may be entered on the same invoice. There is no limit to the number of air tickets that may be entered on the same invoice. In addition, any combination of cash or credit card tickets may also be entered on the same invoice.

Select the or Select


The following fields must be captured to successfully invoice the air ticket:

Ticket No

Enter the 10 digit ticket number, excluding the airline code and the check digit. You may type in the full number, or use the short cut method, as follows. Enter a blank ticket number to pop up a list of the ticket series currently in use, press [Enter] on the required series, and change the last three digits of the tic ket number to get the required number


Enter the airline code (Eg. 083 – South African Airways). This can be looked up by entering a blank code or part of the airline name (Eg. “Sou” for South African Airways). Select the required airline and press [Enter]


Enter the passenger name from the ticket (Surname first, as per the ticket)