Invoicing a General Charge


Enter the General Charge code (Eg. GEN – General Charges) This is predefined and can be looked up

Pax name

Enter the passenger name from the ticket (Surname first, as per the ticket)


Enter a short description for the general charge


Enter the quantity of items (eg. Tickets)


Enter the rate inclusive of vat per item.

Exclusive Amount

Enter the cost of the service fee exclusive of vat.


Enter the vat on the service fee. This will normally already be calculated for you based on the Vat percentage selected

Vat %

Enter the vat percentage to be charged on the service fee.

Client Total

This now displays the total of the service fee that must be collected from the client.

Payment Method

Select the payment method Cash or Credit card. Note that if credit card is selected an optional field must be entered : “Collect Via”

Collect via

If “Credit Card” is selected as Payment Method, the system will prompt for collection via field. This field will specify whether the service fee is collected via the Travelbuy system or a 3rd party (In office credit card