Introduction and Overview

QuickTrav has introduced a new module which allows an Agency to select and batch cash invoice line items for payment against client credit cards lodged with the Agency. This process is facilitated by iVeri, a credit card clearing house.

In simpler terms, this allows an Agency to automatically pay itself using a credit card lodged with the agency by the client.

In order for cash line items to be selected for payment via a lodged card, they must be flagged in some way so that the new module can recognize them. This is achieved by inserting the credit card to be used for this purpose.

Note: the fact that cash line items are flagged in invoicing does not automatically mean they have or will be paid. It just means they are available for flagging and payment.

Agencies wishing to use this feature will need QuickTrav Invoicing v1.3b (December 2006) or higher and this document currently only deals with the settings required to automatically flag cash transactions as available for automatic payment via iVeri.