Dear Client

Further to the announcement last night of a countrywide lockdown
effective midnight Thursday 26th March 2020, Quick Software has setup
procedures and mechanisms so that we may continue to provide you with the same
level of QuickTrav support as usual .

Should you experience any problems in contacting us telephonically,
we encourage you to please email:

QuickTrav support –

Technical –

Sales/Training/Bookkeeping support –

QuickTrav licenses –

Accounts queries –

A reminder that Emergency Telephone Support is available Monday to
Thursday from 17:00 to 18:00 and Friday from 16:30 to 17:30 on 079 231 4657

The current situation is very dynamic, changing continually. Please check our website frequently for
any updates.

We have also received numerous calls regarding how QuickTrav can be
accessed remotely, please see available options below:

1) Access via Teamviewer

Please ensure that you have Teamviewer installed and stable
internet connectivity for both locations. Ensure that the desktop in the
office does not go on  sleep mode, sign in to the machine in the office
and work remotely. This however limits the number of people that can work. For
more info, please speak to our sales department. 

2) Migration to a cloud/Hosted Solution

Another option would be migrate the existing server to a hosted
server. Your IT dept would have to arrange this for you. 

Before the migration, please ensure that you contact our
technical dept to check that you have the correct and compatible

Our technical dept has been involved with assisting other
clients with the migration.

Please let us know if you require our assistance.


Please note that it is of the utmost importance that Back-ups are
done daily for your QuickTrav applications. During this critical time,
nominate a responsible person within your Organisation to perform this
critical function.

To shorten the time it takes to do backups we developed
QuickTrav Backup Manager utility tool, which backs up all QuickTrav
applications to memory stick, or can be configured to Dropbox (Cloud backups)
This module is free of charge to all Quick Software customers, please make use
of this useful tool. 

The QuickTrav Team