Refer to Help section for Compulsory Fields:

  1. Start by adding the Table Tag – This tells QuickTrav to read/interpret all information to follow:

Enter in Row Number 1, Column A: <TABLE>

2. Change/create the Headings to accepted headings: (Order of Columns does not matter) Following fields are Compulsory:

At this time you might need to insert columns/headings to ensure you have the c ompulsory information captured i.e. Ref and Account.

*Handy hint : Instead of Retyping the date simply use the “Find & Replace” function in Excel to get rid of unwanted characters such as “#” etc.

Close off Excel Journal with </TABLE>

Save as an Excel/Calc file to a folder you will find.

Open the Transaction batch you wish to import into:

Select the “Import”:

Find the file you want to import:

Click on Read Excel:

System will populate Batch worksheet with transactions from the Excel file:

Once Files are imported click on

The system will not physically Write the entries to the batch selected:

Once completed, the system will display a confirmation message that entries were written to the batch:

ALWAYS run the Batch Manager Check to ensure all line items contain accurate/accepted information.