How to do a Refund Notice Reversal

The following fields must be captured to successfully reverse a Refund notice:

Refund No

Enter the 10 digit Refund Notice number, excluding the airline code.

Ticket No

Enter the 10 digit ticket number, excluding the airline code and the check digit.


Enter the airline code (Eg. 083 – South African Airways). This can be looked up by entering a blank code or part of the airline name (Eg. “Sou” for South African Airways). Select the required airline and press [Enter]


Enter the passenger name from the ticket (Surname first, as per the ticket)


Enter “Dom” or “Int” for domestic or international Travel. This will normally already be inserted for you. Ensure that it is correct by referring to the routing / commission % on the ticket. It is important that this is correct so that the vat on the fare and vat on commission is correctly calculated.


Select the Commission type e.g Domestic/International/Cancelled Tickets etc.


Enter the routing codes from the ticket (eg.Jnb/Dbn/Jnb)


Enter the class (eg.Y) of the ticket. Note that every segment requires a flight class

Travel Date

Enter the date of the first stage of the ticket.

Exclusive Fare

Enter the fare exclusive of vat. This can be determined from the “cash” collection or “credit balance” boxes on the ticket

Fare Vat

Enter the vat on the fare. This will normally already be calculated for you. Confirm this amount by referring to the “ZV” vat code and amount in the various tax boxes of the ticket

Airport Taxes

Enter the total of all airport taxes here. The total of all taxes, including vat, is reflected at the bottom right of the ticket.

Client Total

This column now displays the total of the ticket. This is the invoice total. Check that this agrees to the total on the ticket. This column is simply a total and cannot be changed.


Determine this from the “Cash collection” or “credit balance” boxes on the ticket. NB – Do this carefully as this is one of the most common causes of errors on ticket invoices.

Commission %

Enter the commission % applicable to the ticket. This will already be inserted for you. Confirm or change it as required. This must be equal to the commission % processed by BSP

Comm (Exclusive)

Enter the commission, exclusive of vat, earned by the travel agent on this air ticket. This will automatically show based on the Commission% and Fare that was entered previously. This can be changed if incorrect

Vat %

Enter the Vat % payable on the commission portion of the air ticket.

Agent Vat

This will automatically show the Vat amount payable on the Commission amount, provided that the commission is Vatable.

Comm (Inclusive)

This column now displays the total commission inclusive of VAT.

Due to BSP

This column now displays the amount payable to BSP. This equals the amount charged to the client less your com mission and vat on commission. Make 100% certain that this amount is correct before proceeding.