Branch Code At time of installation a 3letter branch prefix will be
Name Enter your Company’s Name
Telephone Enter your Telephone number
Fax Enter your Fax number
Contact Enter the contact person responsible for account queries
Email Enter the default company email address
Web Enter the website address
DOCEX Enter the DOCEX address
Postal Address Enter the postal Address
Physical Address Enter the physical Address
Co Reg No Enter the Company Registration Number
Iata Reg No Enter the Iata Registration Number
Vat Reg No Enter the Vat Registration Number
Member of ASATA ? Ensure that this check box is ticked if a member of ASATA. This will display the logo at the bottom of the invoices/credit notes
Always use these details when printing documents ? If the details supplied is the default details for all divisions, the check box must be ticked in order to alleviate the need to enter each division’s details separately