Saved vouchers will only be editable under the following circumstances:

1.Save as Draft option activated

Open vouchers (those saved as draft) will be editable and once accepted will not be editable except for the private admin notes.

2.Re-open voucher option activated

Vouchers on hold (accepted but no POD/Invoice) may be reopened subject to password control via the “Re-open” button in the voucher. A voucher may be re-opened up to nine times and each time it is allocated a revision number which is added to the voucher number (e.g.: 002578/3).

In all other cases, once a voucher has been saved it cannot be edited.

Once a direct settlement voucher has been saved, a new “Ledger” tab is added to the voucher when opened for viewing. This tab displays all accounting transactions for the voucher (invoices, credit notes and receipts).