Creating a new Deposit

To capture a new deposit:  File \ \ <Deposit Book> or

Click the required deposit book icon in the main button bar, and select required account

The depositing process simply involves selecting unbanked receipts (right hand side of window) for inclusion into the current deposit (left hand side of window).

Date, Source Ref, Consultant and Comments:

Enter the date of the deposit (cannot be changed once receipts have been allocated), the Source ref,your consultant code and comments relating to the deposit (optional).

Receipt Type:

The “Receipt Type” functionality allow for certain receipt types to be grouped by type, on a deposit. This in essence will allow the Accounts Department to create separate deposits by Receipt Type e.g One for Cash, One of Credit Cards etc.

Client Prefix:

If multiple client prefixes exists, the system will allow for a particular client type to be grouped, on a deposit. This in essence will allow the Accounts Department to create separate deposits by Prefix e.g. D – Debtors etc.

Unbaked Receipts:

The right hand side of the deposit window lists all receipts that are available for depositing with an unbanked amount and receipt count total displayed in blue at the top.

The unbanked list can be filtered to display only certain types of unbanked receipts by selecting the required receipt type in the ‘Limit Receipt Types to” drop down box. To display all unbanked receipts, simply delete the contents of this drop down and enter.

If receipts are in listed in red this means that although they have not been banked, they cannot be banked in the current bank account as the receipt type has been setup with a specific deposit book that does not match the current one.

Receipts Included on the Current Deposit

The left hand side of the deposit window lists those receipts currently on the deposit with a receipt count and amount total displayed in blue at the top.

Banking and Un-Banking Receipts

Receipts can be moved between the above two sections (banked / unbanked) in various ways

  1. Double clicking a receipt will move it to the other window.
  2. Highlighting an unbanked receipt and clicking the ” Yes” button will move it onto the deposit while highlighting a receipt on the deposit and clicking “No ” will move it off the deposit back into unbanked.
  3. Clicking the ” All” button will move all un-banked receipts currently displayed onto the deposit slip. (If you have an active filter, it will ignore those receipts not included in the filter)
  4. Clicking the “All ” button will move all receipts off the deposit.

Displaying the Deposit Summary

Click the ‘Summary’ button at any time to display the deposit summary by receipt type (count / totals).

Cancelling a New Deposit

You must remove all receipts (“All –>”) before canceling a new deposit.