Control Account

The control account provides a summary of the Quick Trav system on one report. The following information is contained in the enquiry.

Enquiries \

Defining period range and running Control Account report :

In the From and To fields select the periods for inclusion. Once selected click on to run the report.

Viewing the Control Account :

(Collapsed View – Showing Totals only)

Click on the to show totals only

(Expanded View – In detail)

Click on the to show breakdown

Updating and Exporting to the General Ledger :

Note : This process must be done every time a Income Statement, Balance Sheet or Trial balance report needs to be extracted from the Dos General Ledger.

Click on :

Printing the Control Account :

Click on :

Select output type :

– Prints to a selected printer.

– Sends the Control account as a PDF document to the Mail Recipient.

– Sends the Control account to a QPI or PDF file for saving.