Debtors v Leisures

Although QuickTrav clients must be categorised as either debtors or leisures, they are both debtors in accounting terms.

Generally speaking, debtors are long term clients who will do repeat business and who will have some form of credit terms with the agency whereas leisures are once off cash based clients. As the management of debtors (normal running balances and collection process) differs from that of leisures (should all be zero balances), QuickTrav maintains separate ledgers for each type.

The leisure ledger can thus be viewed as a simple replacement for a “Cash Sales” debtor account that would normally be created in the main debtors ledger, facilitating an automatic breakdown of the balance by each cash client (in the event of the leisure client not actually paying cash or payment reversals!).

Client Prefixes

QuickTrav client account codes consist of a single character client prefix followed by 5 numbers and the prefix allows ledgers to be sub categorised for management and/or reporting purposes. Any letters of the alphabet may be assigned to either debtors or leisures in each branch’s setup with the default being “D” for debtors and “L” for leisures.