Capturing a new entry in the Casbhook – Entry Tab

To capture a new transaction in the Cashbook, you will need to open the applicable Cashbook first:

File \ ,alternatively select from the Main Menu Bar

Click on / to capture a new transaction :

Date Enter the date of the cashbook entry. Note : You may only use a date within the current period.
Entry Type Select the entry type :
Reference Enter the reference number e.g Bank Statement number 12 and line number 2

– ST12/02.

Gl Code Enter the general ledger code applicable.
Payee Enter the Payee details.
Details Enter short description of the transaction.
Bank Amount Enter the Bank Amount inclusive of VAT. Note : The system will identify the transaction as Debit/Credit based on the Entry type selection and insert the appropriate sign
Vat Type Select the Vat type :

Vat Amount The system will automatically calculate the Vat amount, based on the VAT Type selected
Excl Amount The system will automatically calculate the Exclusive amount.