BSP Reconciliation – Importing BSP recon

STEP 1 : Saving the File

Save the BSP recon file into a folder e.g C:\BSPDISKS (Take note of destination folder and File name)

STEP 2 : Importing the File into Windows Invoicing

you wish to import: (Optional: Filters may be applied, by clicking on the FILTERS Tab)

and click on

STEP 3 : Running the BSP Reconciliation to Excel :

STEP 4 : Check differences total :

(The system will now display a list of all the reconcilable items, that needs attention)

STEP 5 : Time to clean up

(If you wanted to print your differences report with all the applicable columns that exported from Windows Invoicing do it now, before proceeding!)

Delete/Clear all the unwanted columns e.g.: Day, Con, Client, Excl Fare, Fare VAT, Aprt Tax, %, Cash, Commission, Agent VAT, DUE to BSP, Charged and Division.


STEP 6 : Joining multiple text columns into ONE :

Option1 : Using a text formula : CONCATENATE
                  Enter the following Formula in the Blank Column D :
                  =CONCATENATE(A7, ” “,B7, ” “, C7)

Explanation : Take the text in Column A, Row 7 followed by a space and the text in ColumnB,Row7, Followed by a Space in ColumnC, Row7 and join them together into this Column where my cursor is currently.

The result: 074 1800764771 C0000036


Option2 : Using normal combining of various Columns into one :
                  Enter the following Formula in the Blank Column D :
                  =A7&” “&B7&” “&C7

Explanation : Take the text in Column A, Row , add a blank space, add the text in ColumnB,Row7, add a blank space,and add ColumnC, Row7, and place the result where my cursor is currently flashing.

The result: 074 1800764771 C0000036

STEP 7: Copy formula to all rows in Column D

Copy the selected formula to all rows with reconcilable items.

STEP 8: Pasting the VALUES only

Highlight Column D – Right click, select, COPY – and right click, select, Paste Special (Values)

(It will remove the Formula and replace with the merged text)

STEP 9 : Time to formulate your Journal

On a new blank worksheet…… Top Left Column and Row

The following accounts were created under Air Suppliers, with a Payment method as Month End to facilitate the easy capturing of the BSP Journal:

(Please check your setup as different account numbers may have been used)

STEP 10 : Import into Journals in Winmain and finalize Journal

In Windows Main Module: File \ or alternatively select :

Click on the button:

Enter the location and file name e.g.: C:\bspdisks\bsp may09jnl.xls Click on to import the journal.

Finally click on to write the journal in Draft mode to Windows Main Module:

Once the import is complete:

Proceed with Saving of the journal.

STEP 11 : Process the relevant invoices and Credit notes for any tickets or Refunds that still need to be captured in

Windows Invoicing Module.