Branch Masterfiles


When an invoice is issued for an Air / Land arrangement, QuickTrav needs details of the principal.

Before a principal can be used on an invoice, it must be created.

Please note : If you are a frontdesk user, Frontdesk is the source module, and Principals should be created there !

New principals can be created from the Main Menu , Setup, Principals, / .

Alternatively select the Air Principal Icon or the Land Principal Icon from the Icon Menu.

Account Code :

Enter a unique three character code for the principal (Eg. “AVI” for Avis Car Rental). In cases where codes may conflict due to the number of similar names (Eg. The Holiday Inn Group), use codes such as H01, H02 etc.

Name :

Enter the full name of the principal.

Active :

This check box will enable the account if ticked. To disable, simply click on the “Active” check box.


Principal Groups can be setup to link a list of hotels belonging to the same group (E.g Protea, Holiday Inn etc)


Enter the country in which the Principal is situated

Vat Reg No

Enter the Vat Registration Number

No Vat No

We modified the client setup to include a “No Vat No” check box option which will insert “N/A” into and deactivate the vat no field. This is in case the “no vat number” option for invoicing is set to “Warn” or “Block” and the client actually does not have a vat number.


If predefined, select the region within the country that the principal is situated


Specify the unique hotel reference as per the Amadeus System


Specify the unique hotel reference as per the Galileo System


Specify the unique hotel reference as per the Worldspan System


QuickTrav allows easy linking between the various modules. Should the account number (Reference) differ, the Frontdesk reference can be specified and linked.


This is an essential field. Enter the principal’s telephone number


This is not essential. Enter it only if you require it on your principal’s listings


Enter the contact person who will be responsible for the payment of your c ommissions


Enter the email address of the person who will be responsible for the payment of your commissions / account queries

Postal Address

Enter the principal’s postal address that must appear on the invoice and statement

Physical Address

Enter the principal’s physical address that must appear on your client listings

Comm Type

Enter the default commission type (eg. “Ins” if the principal is an insurance principal)

Comm %

Enter the default commission rate. This is inserted automatically into the invoice if specified on setup

Payment Method

Enter <C> (for C.O.D) if the princ ipal is payable immediately (before the client travels). This causes the remittance advice to print immediately after the invoice. Else enter <M> (for

Month-end) if the principal is payable at the end of the month. The remittance advise will then print at the end of the month

Other – Client Tax Invoice?

Tick the Check box if the Quick Trav client must be a tax invoice

i.e must show the vat on the invoice separately. Normally this should not be ticked

Principal Tax Invoice ?

Tick the Check box if the Quick Trav remittance advice to the principal must also be a tax invoice for c ommission due from the principal. Normally this check box should be ticked.

Ignore Duplicate Invoice Numbers ?

The system is designed to automatically check and detect any duplication of invoice numbers from the particular supplier, and show a warning message. When this tick box is activated the system will ignore any duplications.

Principal Account Notepad

A notepad facility exists for each principal account. The notepad is designed to replace or partially replace the manual principal file. Any additional information about the principal can be stored in the principal’s file. Any additional information about the principal can be stored in the clients Notepad (e.g. Events, Private & RA Message )

The notepad is simply a word processor. There is no special pre-defined format for information to be entered in the notepad. There is also no limit to the size of the notepad. You may enter as many information as required.

Principal Invoices

The Principal invoices tab is a handy feature which will allow the user to access a invoice register, applying only to the current principal only

Opening an invoice from the principals specific register :

By double clicking with your mouse on a particular invoice,the system will bring up a preview of the invoice.

Handy Hints:

Remember that advanced standard browser options are available by Right Clicking anywhere on the register:

Facility to export the current view to an external database file or MS Excel

This function is extremely handy, in quickly compiling a report to a customer without having to build a physical query. By ticking “Open in Microsoft Excel” and “Format Excel Workbook” the system will automatically open the export in Microsoft Excel and format all the columns and rows with column headers and totals.

If you have a report or list of information and want to calculate totals, you can use the Sum Total feature. A list of the items in your register with the totals will appear to give you a summary.

Windows Invoicing uses specific sort orders to arrange data according to the value, not the format, of the selected columns’ data.

A view manager which allows users to save and load custom views in each register.

A view manager which allows users to save and load custom views in each register, this in essence will limit the information within the register to the selected display range :