Booking Sources

Windows Invoicing allows you to specify the source of each booking
that is invoiced. This enables you to generate reports which analyze / summarize your invoices/credit notes by source. This is useful to obtain feedback on how many invoices you processed as a result of specific promotions / adverts etc.

As an example, you might publish an advert for a Mauritius promotion. You would assign a number to this advert and create it in this table. Consultants would then be instructed to record the advert on all quotes, bookings and invoiced made as a result of the advert. Later you would use the Queries Function to analyze the invoices with the relevant advert reference. This is a simple table, comprising a key and a description.

To set this up: Setup – Company Tables,

Click on to create a new Booking Source.

Click on to open an existing Booking Source

Click on to delete and existing Booking Source.

Click on to search through the existing list of Booking Sources.

Click on to close the Booking Source screen.

When selecting “New” or “Open” the following screen will appear to edit/change/complete:

Key Enter a unique Key for the Booking Source (May be alphanumeric)
Description Enter a short description of the Booking Source