The Table of Destinations stores destination information and is used when you invoice. Each invoice prompts you for the Relevant destination via the

field in the invoice.

This information can be used in reports to list/group/summarise invoices by destination. This is a simple table comprising of a key and description for each destination.

To set it up: Setup, Company, .

Click on to create a new Booking Destination.

Click on to open an existing Booking Destination.

Click on to delete an existing Booking Destination.

Click on to search through the existing list of Booking Destination.

Click on to close the Booking Destination screen.

When selecting “New” or “Open” the following screen will appear to edit/change:

Key Enter a unique Key for the Booking Destination (It may be alphanumeric)
Description Enter a short description of the Booking Destination e.g Indian Ocean Islands.

field in the quote/booking header.

Use the File / Tables menu option to open and edit this table. This is a simple table, comprising of a code and a description for each destination. Set up the table in the normal way.