Entering the accounting information

Compulsory Entries

Account number (A*) and Consultant(C*) are compulsory accounting information codes, and must be added before an invoice can be generated by the QuickTrav™ system.

A* Account number Cost Centres / Additional Refs A*D111 / (2 nd Ref) / (3 rd Ref) / (4 th

Ref) / (5thRef)

‘D111 ’ being the account number
C* Consultant Code Outside Consultant C*Tm ‘Tm’ being the consultant
C*Tm \ Aa ‘Aa’ being the outside consultant
Additional Non-compulsory entries

The following accounting information codes are not compulsory, however if certain switches within the QuickTrav™ module have been switched on, the invoice will not be generated without the relevant entry,

e.g. order number, supplier reason codes or published fare etc.

O* Order number O*11115 ‘11115 ’ being the order number
P* No of tickets in Pnr P*2 Denotes 2 tickets are contained in pnr
M* Message M*Have a nice trip Add a message to the invoice
S* Service Fee S*20 Adds R20 service fee + Vat to the invoice
S*20EA Adds R20 service fee + Vat to each ticket
S*20EA / Se2 Adds R20 service fee +Vat to each ticket & allocates service fee to a different comm.. Type, in this instance

– Se2

S*200in / Adm /// 9001234567 Add R200 service fee to the invoice using ‘Adm’ service fee code referenced as ” 900123456 ” which could also acts as the Ticket number on TASF entries.
S=100ea // Y Add R100 service fee per ticket to the invoice using default service fee code and merging each fee into the cost of the ticket
S*20#NOAUTO #NOAUTO – add at th end of the service fee accounting info entry to disable auto fees, e.g. s*20eaNOAUTO
G* Group tickets on separate pnrs G*(1sr tickets pnr) In the first ticket use P* & state how many tickets. In the tickets that

follow, type in G*(1 st tickets pnr no.)

L* Land Arrangements L* Principal / Totalcharge / Comm / Ref / TravelDate / Byticket( Y / N) L*Abc / 1000 / 100 / _ / _ N will add one land arrangement (not per tkt)

N.b. travel date format dd.mm.yy

L*Abc / 1000 / 100 will add a land charge to invoice, principal being ‘Abc’, total charge R1000 & commission of R100
D* Document Type D*C Will consolidate document, which will hide Service fees or land
D*N Will suppress printing of invoice
F* Published Fare F*1000 Where the published fare excl. of Vat

= R1000

F*1000,xxx ‘xxx ’ being the reason code, as per table setup
F*D,xxx ‘D’ being the default table for domestic fares, ‘xxx ’ the

reason code

R* Reroute printer R*A Send the invoice to a different printer, in this Example to printer A
T* Override Comm type T*Air Overwrite commission type, in this instance to ‘Air’
I* M Invoice manually I* M Add this entry to instruct QuickTrav not to automatically invoice the ticket (M – Manual)
K* Booking/Source/Dest. K*bookingNo / Sour ce / Destination Use an underscore when not a mandatory field, e.g. K*_ / _ / Sa (As per table setup)
W* Supplier reason codes W* Ps “ Ps” being the supplier reason code. This will be applied to all line items on the invoice
W*A.xxx,L.yyy ‘xxx ’ being the air reason code ‘yyy ’ being the land reason code Reason codes as per table setup
X* Force 1 invoice per ticket X*1 or Xxx*1 Force one invoice per ticket
V* Division code V*xxx ‘xxx ’ being the division code

  • Start the accounting info line with DI.FT- e.g. DI.FT-a*d1 c*tm
  • Can use either an * or = when inserting the accounting codes
  • To change your “ DI.FT-“ entry, if incorrect in Galileo, use DI.@
  • To issue ticket and generate the invoice, insert TKPDTDAD
  • To automate an MPD add the autoinvoicing codes as per table and then the entry

TKTNO:TicketNumber, e.g. TKTNO:1234567890. TKPDAD to generate an invoice


  • Start the accounting info line with RM * e.g. RM*a*d1 c*tm
  • Amadeus uses only * for accounting information
  • Amadeus automatically generates an AIR file (which QuickTrav uses to produce an invoice) once you have ended a booking
  • Amadeus will usually be setup to automatically prompt you for some or all of the above information.
  • Pressing ‘Ctrl’ and ‘A’ will prompt you for the abovementioned accounting information

  • Start the accounting info line with 5-ca, e.g. 5-caa=d1 c=tm
  • Worldspan uses only = for accounting information