Allocation Process

Allocation can be done in 4 ways :

Drag and Drop Option :

Right Mouse button Click :

Select the “Allocate open Amount” to allocate the entire amount of the invoice to the receipt.

<Insert> and <Delete> buttons on Keyboard:

Use the arrow keys to move up and down the list of open (unpaid) items. Use the <Insert> key to indicate if the amount being paid is equal to the “Unpaid amount” for that item.

<Insert> (Allocate total line) button on Keyboard

<Delete> (Unallocate total line) button on Keyboard

” Double Click” on Line Item and Specify Amount to be allocated :

If Amounts paid by this journal are entered into the <This Entry> column.

The journal may contra (or partially contra) one or more items on the account. Enter the

amount being paid in the “This Entry” c olumn.

Note: that the total of all amounts entered into the “This Entry” column does not need to equal the journal!

When QuickTrav WinMain first brings up the Open items in the window, it will attempt to match the journal against an unpaid invoice of the same amount. If successful, when clicking on the button, the ‘Matched’ allocation will be displayed at the bottom of the list

  , and the relevant invoice  will be displayed, requiring you to simply click on the invoice number to confirm that the match is correct.