Air Tickets

Ticket Lookup

This handy tool allows you to see whether a particular ticket has been invoiced. Ticket lookup is accessed via Enquiries, Air Tickets,

Note: The airline code appearing on the ticket does not form part of the ticket number. Enter the ticket no in the text box and [Enter].

The system will search thru the Automatic Ticket History and the Invoice History, and if found will show the information. Double click on the ticket to open the invoice / credit note.

Air Ticket Sequence Check

A ticket not invoiced or incorrectly invoiced will have major implications on your BSP reporting and Turnover figures.

It is very important to ensure that all tickets are correctly invoiced. A good habit to adapt is to check the BSP submission to the Quick Trav system. This will immediately identify any mistakes/omissions.

To access the Air Ticket Sequence Check: Enquiries, Air Tickets, :

Branch Shows the branch code and Name
Primary Month Select the month for the report
Ticket Range Enter the first and last ticket numbers in the range
Missing Tickets Four options are available to view/include missing tickets :

Duplicated Tickets Three options are available to view/include duplicate tickets:

Detailed Listing Select whether duplicate/missing tickets should be included in report
Other Options This option allows the user to condense the report and only show BSP totals
Retrieve Progress The retrieve Progress will show a progress bar of the ticket range being retrieved.
Send To Select the print type (Printer, Email, File)
Paper Orientation Two types of paper orientation :

  • Portrait
  • Landscape
Print Progress This is a bar indicating the progress of the document being printed