Age Analysis

This option allows you to analyze the outstanding amounts your debtors/creditors owe you (or you owe them) in periods such as current, 30, 60 and more than 90 days.

These reports are essential for credit control. If you allow your debtors to pay you when they wish, you may develop some serious cash flow problems. If you are registered for VAT on the invoice basis, large outstanding amounts that include VAT may have an impact on your cash flow as you have to may the VAT over to the Tax Authorities, irrespective if they were received or not.

To run the Age Analysis:

Enquiries \



Select the Month in which the report is compiled.


Select which ledger to access. E.g. Debtors/Creditors

Sub Ledger

(If applicable) – Leisures / Debtors

Client Prefixes

(If applicable) Only one account prefix may be selected if multiple client prefixes exist. e.g D – Displaying only accounts starting with Prefix D.

Display Order

This option only applies if you are viewing more than one account, and allows you to list the accounts in a specific order. Enter <A> for account code order, <N> for account name order, <C> for consultant order. If you are only viewing one account, enter <A>.

From Account

Enter the client account code of the first account you wish to view.

Enter a blank code or art of the client name to <Search> for the required account.

To Account

Enter the client account code of the last account you wish to view. If you wish to view only one account, enter the same code as <From code>.


(If Applicable) Only to be used of Client / Supplier Groups are maintained.


Limit the Age Analysis by a specific Consultant.


(If Applicable) Limit the Age Analysis by a specific division, if more than one Division exist.


(If Applicable) Limit the Age Analysis by a specific department, if more than one Department exist.

Show Open Items?

For open item style (this shows brought forward unpaid items as well as current transactions, showing which are unpaid)

Show Contact Details?

Displays Debtor / Creditor’s contact details.

Exclude Nil Balances ?

Exclude from this report, any accounts with a Nil Balance (will not be displayed).

Printing options of the Age Analysis:

Send to

Select which printer to print the Age Analysis on.

Paper Orientation

Select the paper orientation: Portrait or Landscape


If this check box is ticked, the system will first display the Age Analysis on screen, before printing.

View %

Select size / zoom percentages to display on screen.

Number of Copies

Select number of copies to be printed.

Print Progress

Indicates printing progress.

Select printing to a printer.

Email Age Analysis to an Email recipient

Send Age Analysis to QPI or PDF document.

Cancel printing of Age Analysis.

Example of Age Analysis: