Invoice module Branch setup.

Turn on the capturing of credit card numbers in the Branch setup:

Expand the View by Double clicking on the Clients (Debtors & Leisures)

Click on SAVE to activate the credit card numbers in the Debtors/Leisures setup.

Manually adding the credit card numbers to the Debtors / Leisure Accounts:
Client Credit Card numbers may be added to the Client accounts from the Main menu:

Setup, Clients, / . Alternatively select the from the Icon Menu.

Select the Client account you wish to edit and click on or OPEN  button:

Click on the “CREDIT CARDS” tab to view/add the credit card details:

Click on NEW to create a new Credit card.
Click on OPEN to open an existing credit card.

Key Enter a short key.
Deactivate? This check box will determine whether the credit card is still active.
Type Enter the credit card type e.g. American Express, Visa, Diners or MasterCard
A/C Number Enter the credit card number
A/C Holder Enter the account holder’s name
Expires Enter the expiry date
2nd Ref Is used for the Account Number for the BTA Exporter

Once all information is completed, click on the button.