The application uses the user setup under QuickTrav User Administration.

My Preferences

Setup \

These settings apply to the user code used to login irrelevant of the PC used.

Show table names in register browses?

An optional switch to show the name matching the masterfile codes as opposed to just the code in all transaction browses. Turn this off if speed is an issue.

Browse Grid Style

Sets the grid line style in all browses.

General Printer

This is the last printer used for general reports and will be the default printer the next time any report is printed. This setting is automatically changed every time a report is printed. (does not affect the voucher printer)

Email Address

The “from” email address when sending emails

Interpret ” / ” as pax name break

Many users are used to GDS method of separating pax names with a “/”. Check this option to do so when determining the number of passengers from the name in voucher capture

“?” System Information

Displays system settings specific to the current user.  + Timer checks