User Login

Each user must be assigned a unique global user code under the QuickTrav User Administrator.

Initial Login / Startup
Each user must initially start the application specifying his/her user code, branch and division and whether to use remote printers or not.

<App Root>:\ wsv.exe <user code> <branch code> <division code> <Y/N>
wsv.exe /? Or /Help will display the application parameter help.

The login process can be done directly from the command prompt or setup via the user’s menu under QuickTrav User Menu.

Login as a different user
To log in as a different user without closing the application, use the, File\Login as a different user or click in the bottom right of the application window.

Login to a different branch or division
To log in to a different branch and/or division, use the, File \ Login to a different branch.