Data Capture Options

Ticket Types 

Capture the ticket type e.g. Optat,MPD, E ticket etc.


Capture the PNR from the GDS.

Capture Air ticket Miles 

Capture the Air Ticket Miles from the GDS, automatically calculated based on the Fare and NUC’s

Show on Invoices

Once captured the Air ticket Miles can be showed on invoices.

Conjunction Flags

If two or more tickets belong to the same passenger on the same PNR, the system will indicate whether it is the First or second ticket.

Adm/Acm reasons /

This function will allow for reasons to be given to ADM/ACM reasons

Force Miles for Debtors 

This function will force the user to capture the Miles for all tickets invoiced to a Debtor account.

Force Miles for Leisures 

This function will force the user to capture the Miles for all tics

Segment Flight Nos and Dates 

Enter the flight numbers and flight dates

Segment Flight times 

Enter the Flight times per sector.

Segment Fare Base 

Enter the Fare Base per sector.

Return Dates 

Enter the return date.

Tour Codes 

Enter thet Tour codes

Round Off Fare Vat 

Rounding off Fare Vat according to BSP billing

IATA Numbers 

Capturing of IATA number, in agency where more than one ticket printer / IATA number installed

Capture XP Taxes

With SAA reducing commission to 1% for domestic tickets and 1.01% for

international tickets, agents are now able to add a service fee to a ticket via the

new air ticket XP tax. The XP tax is an agent “fee” and becomes part of the cost

of the ticket (like other taxes) and is thus included in the cost of the ticket

charged to the client. The XP tax is thus “hidden”, except where a tax invoice

has to be supplied or if the client knows that the XP tax is an agent fee.

Consolidate XP Vat


Allow Alpha Numeric Ticket Nos

This function is used for Kulula or One time tickets where the actual ticket number is not provided, and the reference number is used. For example : Q4346T6