Supplier Setup

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Each branch maintains its own register of suppliers and the register shown is that of the currently logged branch.

Code and Name
Code A unique code for the supplier.
The code format is defined under the system setup – suppliers. Codes imported from DOS vouchers can be changed and / or merged by the supervisor using the button and
unused codes can be automatically removed using the button in the supplier register browse button bar.
Name Supplier Name
Active Indicates whether the supplier is active or not. Use this to remove suppliers that cannot be deleted from the selection lists in other forms
Group Optional group to which the supplier belongs. Groups can be created or edited by clicking on the “Groups” button in the supplier browse
Service Type The type of service provided by the supplier. This is used as the

default service type in voucher capture

Dom / Int Indicates whether the supplier provides local or international services
Country Country in which the services are provided
IATA Reg No Optional IATA number of the supplier
Contact Details Note: Do not include dialing code in the telephone and fax numbers as these are automatic based on the supplier country. Dialing codes can be removed by the supervisor from data imported from DOS vouchers using the button in the supplier register browse button bar
Addresses The postal and physical addresses to be printed on vouchers under supplier details
Default Currency The default currency in which vouchers for this supplier are to be issued. This currency is automatically inserted in new vouchers for the supplier
Lodge Cards Accepted? Indicate whether the supplier will accept payment via a client credit card lodged with the agent
Comm Method The commission method for the default currency. This will be default to “Commission percentage” and will not be editable unless fixed booking fees have been activated under the system setup – suppliers
Comm % Applicable if “Commission Percentage” is selected as the commission method.

Enter / Select the percentage of the net value of booked services to charge the supplier

Booking Fee Applicable if “Fixed Booking Fee” is selected as the commission method.

If the default currency is a foreign currency, select the currency of the booking fee (local or international) and specify the agreed fee

Star Rating Applicable to local suppliers if “Star Rated Booking Fee ” is selected as the commission method. Select the applicable star rating from the drop-down list
Other Currencies Indicate other currencies in which vouchers
may be issued for the supplier (same setup as above)

If only one currency is specified, that currency is automatically inserted into new vouchers and cannot be edited, otherwise the default currency will be inserted and the user can select which currency to use.

Referral Comm Select the method the system must use to invoice the supplier
Invoice Method For referral commission
Automatic: Internal commission invoices will be automatically generated for all direct settlement vouchers with departure dates in the current month when month end is run.

Manual: Commission invoices for direct settlement vouchers must be manually created before month end can be completed

Statement Currency Select the currency in which referral commission statements must be issued for the supplier.

Local: All amounts will be in the local currency using exchange rates specified in the vouchers. Foreign amounts, if applicable, will be shown as memo items

Foreign: The statement will be divided into separate sections for each currency used.

Tax Invoice Required? Indicates whether the supplier requires a tax invoice.

This is a direct extract from the branch’s voucher register and lists all vouchers issued for the supplier. Vouchers can be opened from this browse by double clicking.