File \ or on the button bar

Click on the button on Menu bar or via the receipts register.

The reverse receipting process involves unflagging paid vouchers incorrectly being “paid” by the supplier payment.

Direct commission adjustments can be made for small differences between the voucher amount and the receipt amount (subject to system limit settings and password control).

Date – Date of receipt.  Must be within the branch’s current period

Supplier –  Supplier from whom the commission was received. Validated against the branch table of suppliers. On selection, displays unpaid amounts available for payment, updates the allocation summary and updates the supplier balance summary

Dep Ref  – Internal banking reference

Banked –  Amount to be banked in local currency

Un-Allocated –  Amount, in local currency, that is not be allocated against any specific voucher.

To Allocate –   Amount to be allocated to vouchers (Banked less Un-Allocated amounts)

Allocated  – Amount currently allocated to vouchers

Adjustments –  Gross commission adjustments allocated to vouchers

Difference  – Amount still to be allocated. This must be nil before the receipt can be accepted.

Supplier Balance – Reflects the balance on the supplier’s account before this receipt, the amount to be credited to the account by this receipt and the balance after this receipt

Browse Unpaid Amounts browse-Displays a list of all unpaid amounts for the specified supplier.As items are allocated to the current receipt, the Adjustment and Banked columns will be updated accordingly


Save   – Allows the receipt to be saved as a draft for later editing. Month end will be blocked if any open receipts exist

Accept –  Accepts and closes the receipt

Auto Flag  – Automatically allocates the item to the current receipt (exact match)

Manual Flag  – Opens the receipt allocation window to allow manual capture of receipt amounts against the charge.

Voucher  – Opens the voucher for viewing

Invoice –  Opens the POD/Invoice for viewing or for Re-Invoicing

Flagging Receipts

Should the voucher commission charge match the receipt exactly, it can be automatically flagged to the current receipt by highlighting it and clicking the button.

Should the difference between the amount due and the amount paid exceed the system limit, a note to that effect will be displayed and the allocation will not be able to be saved unless a password has been setup and it is correctly entered.

Big variances should be investigated and if necessary, the voucher should be re-invoiced by clicking the “Invoice” button to open the POD/Invoice and then clicking the “Re-Invoice” button.