Welcome back,

Zig Ziglar once said :
“Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.”

Whilst there is absolute truth to his statement, it cannot simply be applied to everything in everyday life.
Perhaps when you are learning a new skill set like a brand new GDS or a language it would certainly apply?

But what about the current Omicron variant that has caused most of the major airlines and destinations to close their borders and force travel yet again, to come to a screeching halt? What about the absolute panic and disarray it has yet again inflicted on the tourism industry?  Is it worth your time to repeat the process?

We had a team viewer session earlier with one of our lovely clients, her desktop was filled to the brim with lots of notes and word documents. Amidst this chaos of trying to get people home and rebooking/postponing trips, she was panicky that she might miss a small detail, that could cause the client any further distress as if they haven’t got enough already or a break in their trust, which ultimately could result in loss of revenue.

You see, over and above remembering clients details as per the service level agreements you have signed,  you now have to contend with Covid Regulations too, which seemingly can change within hours and heck let’s just make South Africa the scapegoat seeing as their scientists identified it! Who cares what the repercussions will be, let’s just close our borders to SA just in case! 

As if your busy life outside of Covid and its restrictions, is not busy enough, you have been forced to Be even better, Cope even Better, Do better…

As we’ve checked in on our clients since the border closures, we’ve yet again seen the resilience shining through. If passengers can’t travel out of South Africa, you’ve made plans to send them somewhere domestic or to neighbouring countries still allowing them to travel at this stage. Others have simply gone and changed the final destination from an idyllic African bush experience to a white Christmas in the northern hemisphere.

This week we wanted to focus on the “Booking Info” functionality.  
So what exactly is “Booking Info” and why does it matter to you?

Back in the day, when tickets with physical coupons were still issued on a very noisy printer or written out by hand, which always seemed to jam during a group booking, we used the very trusty Rolodex to store our information. More recently we’ve resorted to little Notepads or Word Documents, that was until of course, QuickTrav’s WebApp arrived.

Whilst corporate travel might be placed on the back burner yet again, we don’t want you to forget that we cater for them too! 

Remember those multiple references from your Corporate client that is used for Cost Centres, Employee numbers, Travel Regions etc. to name but a few? And how do you have to remember in what order you have to place them?

Well, simply put, we help remind you what exactly they want to see, and what order it should be. Once you’ve added the client details (as per your Debtors setup/requirements), the service fees, publish and benchmark fares (if activated), you simply need to hit that “copy” button and paste the information into your GDS.

 WebApp was designed to allow you easy on the go access, to validate accounting info, issue vouchers & invoices, and access registers and queries straight from your Cell phone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop.

When you issue the ticket in your GDS, you simply have to sit back and watch the magic of a fully validated accounting entry turn into an Invoice. Easy, no fuss!

But it doesn’t just stop here, we told you we don’t think mundane things should be repeated.

Chances are that very few bookings will end with just the air ticket, inevitably there might be some car hire and service vouchers too.

No need to Repeat the process, simply take Action by typing that stored PNR reference into your Service Voucher / Car hire voucher and letting the system automatically populate the information stored in the “Booking Info”

The creation of vouchers and invoicing has never been accomplished easier and faster!

 Let us take care of the mundane stuff, so you can focus on the bigger stuff! Contact us below if you can’t wait to read about the other features of WebApp, and want a sneak peek!