QuickTrav's Weekly - Did you know
Did you know?

The income and expense Budget facilities in the General Ledger enable agencies to control their finances and ensure that current and future commitments are met. This functionality allows you to auto-populate budgets from historical data which will assist with generating new budgets in a quick and efficient way. 

The budget reports are available in various income statement report styles. The reports will display the Budget totals and monthly amounts captured in the General which can be compared to the actual amounts.

To activate the switch, please ensure you’re logged in as Sup

Select – Setup – Ledger – Ledger Setup (default password is Quick)

Double-click the General Setting heading to expand the options and select Use Budgets to activate the switch and Save.

Optional Passwords for budgets can be activated to restrict access. Users can activate passwords by double-clicking the Security heading, apply the necessary password and Save. 

Once the switch has been activated, the next step would be to Set up the Budgets by selecting Set upLedgerAccountsBudgets.

The screen below will allow the user to view and capture any required items.

Budgets are normally based on last year’s b/f totals. Users may optionally refresh last year’s amounts by re-running the previous year’s provisional year-end.

Budgets for existing ledgers with last year b/f data can be set up quickly with ease by using the built-in tools by selecting – Options and highlighting the copy all the last year total to the year total budget.
This option will copy the last year’s b/f amount to this year’s Budget total. Users may optionally apply a % increase to the last year’s amounts. Once finalised, users can select the Copy all this year total budget total to monthly budget to generate the monthly breakdown. 

Users may also optionally manually capture the budget amounts/totals by clicking on the open icon. To generate the monthly breakdown, please select the Copy all this year total budget to monthly budgets. 

Data captured can also be cleared by using the clear all Budget figures. This tool will clear all the budget figures. 

The income statement will now have additional printing styles available, and these can be generated to pdf or Browse (which supports exporting to a spreadsheet).