Published Fares

Published fare savings will appear on each air ticket invoice and an itemised report reflecting the total savings per client, for a specified period. Many Agents using ‘published fare savings’, send a monthly ‘ savings’ report with the client’s statement, a very useful marketing tool.

Before turning on this option, it is advisable to notify all QuickTrav users, because once this feature has been activated, another column will appear under ‘air tickets’ in the Invoice Module, and consultants doing auto-invoicing entries, must do an additional entry, in order to produce an invoice.

Please do a safety backup, before turning on this option. If you are uncertain, or require assistance, please contact our HelpDesk before going any further.

The following options are for consideration :

Maximum normal fare factor Choose the maximum factor that the Published Fare can apply.
Override Password (Optional) Enter an override Password, if Published Fares are not applicable to a specific document.
Force Published Fare for Debtors / Leisures? Decide whether Published Fare Savings will be forced or left as optional to be entered
Capture Reasons for differences ? This is optional and it depends if you would like reasons to appear when there are no savings, e.g. last minute booking etc.
Show Difference reason on printed documents? Decide if the reasons should be printed on documents or only kept in the data to access in reports.

Manual Invoicing

To manually invoice an air ticket, proceed in the normal manner, and at the end of the ‘air tickets’ invoice line, you will see a new field has been added, called ‘publish fare’. You must enter the published fare amount before you can proceed. If the ‘prompt for different code’ has been switched on, there will be an additional field called ‘reason’, and this must also be completed.

Automatic Invoicing

To automatically invoice an air ticket, the consultant must now add the entry ‘F*Amount ’, for example A*D10 C*TM F*500, where the published fare equals R500. If you have more than one ticket on the Pnr/Invoice with different fares and different published fares, then you must enter a published fare for each ticket in the format – F*Amount1 / Amount2 / Amount3 with each published fare separated by a “/”. If the‘prompt for difference code’ has been switched on the entry will change slightly to ‘f*xxx,yyy ’, the ‘yyy’ being the reason code (separated by a comma)