New Creditors Allocation Voucher

To capture a new Creditor Allocation Voucher : File \ :

Date Enter the Date of the allocation.
Consultant Enter the consultant code.
Account Number The Account number may be entered in 3 ways :

  1. Enter the account number : e.g. AVI/001
  2. Type a minimum of four letters of the account name : e.g AVIS for Avis Car hire.
  3. Use the to select from a List of accounts.

Note: Match positive and negative amounts against one another as required. Ensure that the total of all items matched equals nil.

Voucher Allocation:

QuickTrav WinMain displays an “open item window” containing all open (unallocated) items, that are outstanding on the account.

The open item window shows the date, reference, passenger details, original amount and unpaid amount, (the item may previously have been partially paid) of each open (unpaid) item on the account.

Allocation can be done in 4 ways :