Month End

The month end procedure involves:
+ Running month end for each branch
+ Backing up the application database
+ Running month end for the company

Branch Month End (for each branch)

In the branch register, highlight the branch to be closed and click the “Month End” button or the icon to activate the branch month end window.
The current month for each branch is displayed in the browse.
In the tasks group, check each of the three registers and click “OK”.
If the branch month end can be run a message to that effect will be displayed otherwise any errors will be displayed next to the relevant registers (e.g.: Open documents exist that must be accepted before month end can be completed.)
You can use the above procedures to check each register’s month end status at any time.

Month End Backup (supervisor only)

This is the same as a normal backup except that it is accessed via the Options \ Month End \ Month End Backup menu option and the backup extension is changed from “zip” to “M99” where “99” represents the month being backed up.

Application Month End (supervisor only)

This procedure simply checks that the month end has been completed for each branch and then re-indexes and closes the current month for the entire application.
A message detailing which branches are blocking the application month end will be displayed if applicable.
Month end backups and the application month end can only be run by the Supervisor as both these procedures involve logging out all users.