Running Monthend In Windows Main Module

Before running the monthend, ensure that the monthend checklist has been completed. This will ensure that you do not run your monthend prematurely. In addition, please ensure that you have run a Diagnostics test Prior to running Month End.

To run month end, click on Utilities \

Click on

The system will now attempt to log all other users out – sole access is needed to proceed with Month End :

Click on

Once All users are logged out the following message will appear :

The system warns that Month End will now proceed :

Note : Only proceed once everything is captured in WinMain, Cashbooks are reconciled etc.

Once Month End is completed, system will display the Current System Month and Year.

(Monthend Email confirmations will automatically be sent to Quick Software)

Note that the status of all Monthend Procedures are set to OK and Closed :

Always remember to Cancel the User Logout : By clicking on