Initiating automatic invoicing

To activate the automatic invoicing process select , Automatic Invoicing, or alternatively select from the Main Icon Menu the Import Tickets Icon .

Select the button to initiate the automatic invoicing. Note that Windows Invoicing is now in “live” automatic invoicing mode. This means that Quick Trav will invoice all new automated tickets immediately after they are printer. In addition, any previous automated tickets not yet invoiced will also be invoice.

Note that any automated tickets on the ticket printer while you are not in the Import Tickets option will accumulate and will be invoiced as soon as you click on the . There is no limit to the number of tickets that can be accum ulated in this way, or the time period (Within a calendar month) over which they are accumulated. This gives you the flexibility to accumulate automated tickets for a period of time, then to generate the invoices for the accumulated tickets in one run when it suits you.