Regarding 1 May QuickTrav License Fees – 30/04/2020

Dear Client

Following our last notification of 26 March 2020, we understand the continuing negative financial impact our clients are experiencing due to COVID-19. Even though the Lockdown measures have been lowered to Level 4, this has made no difference for you.

With this in mind, we will continue to assist in providing some measure of relief and as such we will again apply up to 40% discount on your May 2020 License Fees.

The discount amount is not a deferred payment, i.e. it is a discount that you will not have to pay at any later date.

During May we will continue to provide:

Please make use of this quiet time to update your training / QuickTrav knowledge at no charge.

Additionally, we would like to encourage you to make use of the opportunity during this period to:

The situation is dynamic at present and circumstances will dictate our action going forward. Please refer to our website frequently for further announcements.

We wish all of our clients, their staff and their families well during these difficult and trying times. Stay safe.

The Quick Software Team