Branches and Divisions

Setup \ Company \ or on the menu bar

The branch register lists basic details for all branch’s setup in the application.
Divisions are defined from within each branch.

Note: Any details contained in the branch setup used for printing vouchers will be overridden if specified in the division setup (i.e.: the division settings take preference over branch settings and branch settings will thus only be used if the division settings are blank).


Contact Details and Addresses and Registrations Number
The contact details to be printed on vouchers.
If an IATA number is specified, the IATA logo and the specified registration number will be printed on vouchers. The VAT registration number to be printed on referral commission tax invoices. If ASATA member is ticked, the ASATA log will be printed on the voucher.
Specify the prefixes that may be used for debtors and leisure

Printing and Emailing

Default voucher template – Specify the default voucher template (located in the voucher template folder specified under the system setup – printing and email) to use, This template will only be used if the user has not previously printed a voucher in which case the last template used will be the default.
Show name on voucher? – An optional switch to include the branch name after the registered name (and trade name if specified) on all documents.
Doc Logo 1Optional specify the bitmap to use as logo 1 in the voucher header.
Fix Aspect %? -Check this to print the logo using the original aspect ratio (if this is not checked the logo will be resized to fit into the available space in the voucher)Specify the percentage of available logo space to use in the voucher header (in some cases 100% causes the logo border to merge with the document header frame and a lower % can be used to overcome this).
Left / RightSelect the logo placement on the voucher header – left (name and details will be to the right) or right (name and details will be on the left)
HTML – Specify the logo width and height in pixels to use when emailing a voucher. If not specified, HTML will use the original bitmap size.
Doc Logo 2Optional specify a second logo to use in the voucher header. This is useful if an agency belongs to a group but also has its own logo.<Logo 2 settings> – Same as for logo 1 above.
Doc header logos -Optional specify a bitmap file to use to replace the entire voucher header. If specified, the logos, company name and details will not be printed. The settings are basically the same as for the logos
Report Logo – Optionally specify a logo to use for all internal reports (i.e.: excluding vouchers)
Standard Voucher Message – Optionally specify the general terms and conditions (4 lines x 80 chrs) and / or a single line (80 chrs) footer to be printed on vouchers. Use the drop down to swap between the two.  These settings may also be defined at a company (i.e.: applicable to all branches and divisions) via the setup \ company menu. As with the above the company settings will only be used on vouchers if both the branch and division settings are blank.


The division setup is a limited version of the branch setup and the following details may be specified for each division:

+ Contact Details and Addresses
+ IATA number
+ Printing and emailing setup

Data Links

QuickTrav invoicing – Specify the QuickTrav Invoicing folder related to this branch. This is used to import directly from Invoicing in certain Masterfile registers (contacts and consultants)
QuickTrav FrontDesk – Specify the QuickTrav FrontDesk folder related to this branch. This is used to import directly from the FrontDesk in certain Masterfile registers


Other Information
Specify the prefixes that may be used for debtors and leisure accounts respectively.
Client References: Can be Setup to Use the QuickTrav Invoicing References instead of Internal References
Document Imaging
QPI Folder – Stipulate the QPI Folder
QPI Copy Folder – Optional – Stipulate a secondary copy folder for the QPI files
PDF Folder – Stipulate a folder for the saving of the PDF voucher

XML Request
Use XML Imports and Exports? – Setting to activate for the export and import of the xml files
Imports – Stipulate the folder to import the xml files from
Img Requests – Stipulate the folder for the Image Requests
Exports – Stipulate the export folder for where the exported xml files will be saved